Jack of No Trades

Jack of No Trades

We all have opinions. But do you have a podcast? Join a couple of moderately informed people as they examine today's movies, video games, music, and sports. We may not have all the answers, but we definitely ask any question.

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    Facebook, NBA, and Marketing

    This episode is a collection of hot takes ranging from Europe to door to door sales encounters. We also cover the recent news of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's trip to Washington and the NBA playoffs.

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    Oscars 2017

    In this episode we give our Oscar predictions for 2017. Let us know how we did on twitter @JONTPOD!

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    Relationship Advice - Valentines Day 2018

    In this episode we give relationship advice to people who have posted questions on Reddit! So come hang with us for an hour and feel the love this Valentine's Day. Have a question for us? Reach out to us on twitter @JONTPOD and we'll be sure to give you the answer you're looking for!

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    Top 10 Coolest Movie Characters of All Time

    In this episode we break down the top 10 coolest male characters of all time! We have a few qualifications that make this list a little different so listen to see if your favorite makes the cut! Don't like our list? Did we leave your favorite out? Let us know on twitter @JONTPOD

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    2017 Movies in Review

    We aren't dead! We are back with our annual tradition of reviewing the past year of movies for better or worse. We are joined by T-Car and Bill Mo once again with better audio! We cover a lot of movies so contact us on twitter @JONTPOD if you'd like to hear our thoughts on a movie we didn't get to. Thanks for listening!

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    Mailbag #1

    We have our first ever mailbag in this episode. We answer listener questions on a variety of topics and even attempt to give some advice. If you have a question you'd like us to answer in a later episode. Tweet us @JONTPOD or email us at jackofnotradesshow@gmail.com

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    Kevin Durant, Taylor Swift, and Foo Fighters

    In this episode we cover the recent Kevin Durant controversy, give our take on Taylor Swift's new direction, and give our review of the new Foo Fighter's album Concrete and Gold! Be sure to follow us on twitter @JONTPOD

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    All about Guns

    This episode is all about Guns! We are joined by longtime listener and certified gunsmith Brendon to discuss a broad spectrum of topics related to firearms. We talk about concealed carry, guns in movies, and why Taylor would be a terrible gun owner. If you're interested in a custom firearm you can contact Brendon at his website columbiagunsmithing.com which should be up and running soon.

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    Scary Story Time

    We are joined by top nosleep author Sgt Darwin to read his story "63 years ago". A creepy tale about a young man who enjoys the library a little too much. This one is a lot of fun and an episode you aren't gonna want to miss. If you like this story check out others by Sgt Darwin online at Thought Catalog or search the nosleep subreddit!

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    CrossFit, Parenting, and the dog days of Summer

    This week we are joined by fitness expert and newest guest to the pod Jake! He gives you tips for reinvigorating your fitness routine and how to eat healthy. He's also a new dad and shares his experiences being a first time parent. If you're single and a millennial you are definitely gonna want to check this one out!

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    Amazon, Trump, and other random thoughts

    This episode covers Amazon Prime Day, Our experience seeing RHCP, Spiderman, NFL, Trump CNN meme war, ethical dilemmas, and the obesity epidemic. This one is all over the place!

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    Pokemon Go Update

    We're breaking our promise and doing another Pokemon Go episode! We brought on our resident Pokemon expert Dan to let you know all of the awesome updates that have recently been made to the game and possibly convince you to start playing again. We've created a quick 30 second survey and would really appreciate it if you would click the link below. Thank you JONTPOD Nation!


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    Summer 2017 Movies Lineup

    We are joined by Bill Mo once again to discuss the movies we're most interested in from this summer's lineup! We also have a mini debate on whether The Dark Knight Rises was actually a good end to the trilogy.

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    Artist battle: Katy Perry vs Taylor Swift

    We are joined by Natalie and new guest Blake to thoroughly debate who is the better pop artist, Katy Perry or Taylor Swift? Do you agree with our conclusion? Let us know on twitter @JONTPOD

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    Remembering Chris Cornell

    David and Joe join us this week to remember the legend Chris Cornell. We share our favorite moments from his career and how his music impacted us.

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    To stream or not to stream

    This weeks episode is all about TV. We give you our analysis of the TV industry today and our recommendations for the best shows to stream right now! Follow us on Twitter @JONTPOD

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    How to be an Instagram star

    We are joined this week by T-Car, he's a personal trainer, motivational fitness blogger, deer hunter, and an overall interesting person. You can follow him on Instagram @tcarling7

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    State of the Gaming Nation Part 2: Sports Games

    David returns to the podcast to talk about gaming's most popular sports franchises. We cover Madden, 2K Basketball, FIFA, and MLB the show! If you're looking for a new game to play you are in the right place.

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    Off the rails Vol. 3 Part-2

    We wrap up this 2 parter talking all about language, and when it's best to keep your ideas to yourself. Big thank you to Tyler for coming back on the show. Email us at jackofnotradesshow@gmail.com with questions, comments, or insults!

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    Off the rails Vol. 3 Part-1

    Tyler returns to the podcast to go off the rails once again! This one is all about communication, social media, how we view other people, and the current cultural climate here in America! Go down the rabbit hole with us and be sure to follow us on twitter @JONTPOD

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    What Grinds our Gears

    This week we are joined by @hannahbutts_ from the Spoonful of Sugar podcast to discuss what grinds our gears! Tay gets fired up on this one so be warned. We talk about annoyances we have with people, social media, restaurants, and food. Definitely don't want to miss this one.

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    Nintendo Switch and random thoughts

    Ben and Tay ramble about rallies and the singularity. They then give their opinion of the Nintendo Switch and Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild!

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    Revenge: A Dish Best Served Cold

    This week is all about revenge. Is it a good thing? Why do we feel it? And we discuss the best revenge films and songs. Joe returns and you aren't gonna want to miss this one!

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    Oscar Predictions with Bill Mo

    Bill Mo returns to the podcast to talk movies! We give in depth analysis of Split, John Wick, and The Autopsy of Jane Doe. We also give our predictions for this year's Academy Awards!

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    A Cynic's Take on Valentine's Day

    Ben and Tay talk everything Valentine's Day with the help of regular guest Wren! Taylor shares why he hates Valentine's day, Wren has a creepy Valentine tradition, and Ben shares a pro tip on how to save your hard earned money this year!

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    The Super Bowls of Life

    Ben and Tay are joined by Jake to discuss competitions we'd love to watch but probably won't happen! Such as LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan 1 on 1, A QB foot race, and a jeopardy match hosted by Donald Trump! They also discuss Trump's gross diet and who would win between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift in a social media feud.

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    A Woman's Insight: Makeup for Dummies

    Ben and Tay embrace their feminine side on this week's episode! They are joined by Ben's wife Natalie who is a certified makeup expert. They walk you through the makeup cycle, and we promise you'll have a greater appreciation for women after this podcast!

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    It's Always Sunny Somewhere

    This week's episode is all about It's Always sunny in Philadelphia, the best show on television! Joe and Mark return to the podcast to discuss the Mt. Rushmore of sunny episodes, and some of their favorite moments from the show!

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    The Housekeeping Episode

    Ben and Tay discuss the future of the Jack of No Trades Podcast! They share what they're most excited for in 2017 and many other things like emoji etiquette, black market organs, and shamelessly asking all of you to support the show.

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    Off the Rails Volume 2

    In this week's episode Tyler and David Return for an experiment called the Ganzfeld Effect! We discuss everything from Taken Christmas to dreams to Ben's color blindness. It's a long one but definitely a good one! Prepare to get weird.

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    2016 Movies in Review Part 2

    The conclusion of our 2016 movies podcast. We talk about the best 90's movie of all time "The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" you're welcome.

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    2016 Movies in Review Part 1

    Ben and Tay are joined by Bill Mo and T-Car to discuss movies that came out in 2016 and the winners and losers in Hollywood.

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    A Very Taken Christmas

    Our gift to you, we present "A Very Taken Christmas" we've brought the best talent around to perform this Christmas special including some of your favorite guests. Let us know what you thought about it by emailing us at jackofnotradesshow@gmail.com

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    Peaks and Valleys

    Ben and Tay are joined by a new guest this week to discuss their highest and lowest moments as NFL fans! They also hand out some non traditional awards to current players.

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    Rock Trumps Hate

    Ben and Tay are joined by Joe to make one of the most important decisions ever, which rock band could save the world from an alien invasion? They also discuss Pet Sounds and basketball!

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    Why does the world love Harry Potter?

    Ben and Tay discuss why the world is obsessed with Harry Potter, who would be their Ron and Hermione, and Taylor gives his take on Fantastic Beasts.

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    Not Another Reboot...

    Ben and Tay discuss three new movies: The Accountant, Doctor Strange, and Hacksaw Ridge on this week's episode. We want to hear from you, please email us at jackofnotradesshow@gmail.com with questions or suggestions!

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    Politics for Dummies

    Tired of your friends' obnoxious political Facebook posts? So are we and that's what this week's episode is all about! Join us as we discuss why American politics cause so much anxiety in a neutral way. We also discuss the Chicago sports scene.

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    Destiny: Almost one of the greatest games ever

    Ben and Tay reunite with David to discuss everything about the video game Destiny. They share their best and worst experiences with the game and what they hope to see in Destiny 2. Let us know on twitter what you hope to see in Destiny 2 @JONTPOD!

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    The Writers Room - October Edition

    Ben and Tay pitch some fresh horror movie ideas to Hollywood. Ben's is amazing and Taylor's isn't so great. They also discuss their favorite things about October and throw some shade on everything pumpkin spice. Comments are now enabled on our website so please let us know what you think and follow us on twitter @JONTPOD for everything Jack of No Trades!

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    What the world would be like if Kurt Cobain was still alive - Part 1

    In commemoration of the 25th anniversary of Nirvana's hit album Nevermind, we did a podcast all about Nirvana! Ben sounds weird, we don't think Kurt committed suicide, and Joe returns to the podcast. Disagree with our views? Let us know on twitter @JONTPOD and we will show you why you're wrong. Enjoy!

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    NFL Fever

    The NFL season is back and Tay and Ben got their hot takes on America's most popular sport. You're not gonna find fantasy advice, record predictions, or strategy on this one. Just good ole team and player biases with an idiot's explanation on why the NFL truly isn't that great. Come join two avid NFL fans as they dissect Peyton Manning commercials, concussions without Will Smith's accent, and all the other controversy that fills the tabloids on the daily. This one is lit so bring your feedback to twitter and hit us up @JONTPOD!"

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    The Dating Game

    Ben, Tay, and the lovely, Wren ( Yes, a woman on Jack of No Trades!) tackle dating. Courtship is one of the most romanticized events of all human history . So why is dating so terrible today? Bad one-liners, excessive texting, and stupid friends are some of the culprits. Join us as we analyze today's dating culture. We appreciate all of you "swiping right" to our podcast by the way! Send your feedback and we'll send the love right back!

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    Off the Rails - Part 2

    In the thrilling conclusion of our off the rails segment we discuss regional urban legends, and conspiracies revolving around popular music artists.

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    Off the Rails - Part 1

    Ben and Tay are joined by Tyler to discuss urban legends and the secrets of the universe. They talk about their biggest fears and swap stories that may or may not be true.

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    Rise of the Machines

    Ben and Tay are joined by resident Technology expert Orlin to discuss new advances in technology. They discuss self-driving cars, drones, and virtual reality.

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    Pokemon Nuisance

    Ben and Tay discuss the effects of the Pokemon Go craze on society and their first experiences with Pokemon. We also hear a troubling story from Ben's childhood.

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    Superhero Movies With Bill Mo

    Ben and Tay welcome Bill Mo to the pod to discuss superhero movies! They discuss Batman V Superman, the DC animated movies, Unbreakable, and the highly anticipated "Killing Joke" film. Check out Bill Mo's film reviews on the Bumpers app. We apologize for the audio on this one, hopefully you still love us.

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    Taken 4

    Tay shares his script for Taken 4 on this week's podcast! It was performed by Ben, David, and special guest Mark. Contact us on Twitter @JONTPOD if you would like a copy of the script!

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    Rock, Flag, and Eagle

    Ben and Tay discuss the most American video games, music, and movies.

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    Cup O' Joe

    Ben and Tay have their first guest, Joe! They discuss current NBA controversies, Why Serial sucks, and Carl from the Walking Dead. And sorry about the audio quality we know it's not perfect.

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    The Writers Room

    The Jack of No Trade's Tay and Ben pitch some ground-breaking movie ideas in this week's edition of the Writer's Room! Hollywood has been taking us for suckers and pumping out the same old stories over and over again. Follow Tay on a quest of loss, love, and redemption in "The Big Snort" that has us questioning " John Goodman is married to who? Impossible!". While Ben brings to life a family friendly tale of struggle and growth in "Three Strikes". Be sure to listen all of this one: you don't want to miss the twist at the end!

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    State of the Gaming Nation Part 1: Shooters

    The Jack of No Trades crew discuss shooters in today's gaming world! Is Call of Duty the model for the future? Or should Halo come back and claim the throne? Join us while we get nostalgic talking about Goldeneye on the beloved N64, Pong as the first shooter ever made, and Doom making a comeback.

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    Album battle: RHCP Edition

    The Jack of No Trades crew debate which Red Hot Chili Peppers album is better, By the Way or Stadium Arcadium. Let us know what you think!

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    Is the NBA rigged?

    The Jack of No Trades crew discuss the NBA just in time for the Finals! Does the Warrior's recent success get you down? Are you sick of seeing Steph Curry chew on his mouth guard? Well, so are we! Come join us explain why Steph Curry makes so many three's, who LeBron would not get on a banana tube with, and which NBA stars would make the best Guns n' Roses tribute band!

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