Jack of No Trades

Jack of No Trades

We all have opinions. But do you have a podcast? Join a couple of moderately informed people as they examine today's movies, video games, music, and sports. We may not have all the answers, but we definitely ask any question.

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    Pokemon Go Update

    We're breaking our promise and doing another Pokemon Go episode! We brought on our resident Pokemon expert Dan to let you know all of the awesome updates that have recently been made to the game and possibly convince you to start playing again. We've created a quick 30 second survey and would really appreciate it if you would click the link below. Thank you JONTPOD Nation!


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    Summer 2017 Movies Lineup

    We are joined by Bill Mo once again to discuss the movies we're most interested in from this summer's lineup! We also have a mini debate on whether The Dark Knight Rises was actually a good end to the trilogy.

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    Artist battle: Katy Perry vs Taylor Swift

    We are joined by Natalie and new guest Blake to thoroughly debate who is the better pop artist, Katy Perry or Taylor Swift? Do you agree with our conclusion? Let us know on twitter @JONTPOD

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    Remembering Chris Cornell

    David and Joe join us this week to remember the legend Chris Cornell. We share our favorite moments from his career and how his music impacted us.

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    To stream or not to stream

    This weeks episode is all about TV. We give you our analysis of the TV industry today and our recommendations for the best shows to stream right now! Follow us on Twitter @JONTPOD

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    How to be an Instagram star

    We are joined this week by T-Car, he's a personal trainer, motivational fitness blogger, deer hunter, and an overall interesting person. You can follow him on Instagram @tcarling7

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    State of the Gaming Nation Part 2: Sports Games

    David returns to the podcast to talk about gaming's most popular sports franchises. We cover Madden, 2K Basketball, FIFA, and MLB the show! If you're looking for a new game to play you are in the right place.

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    Off the rails Vol. 3 Part-2

    We wrap up this 2 parter talking all about language, and when it's best to keep your ideas to yourself. Big thank you to Tyler for coming back on the show. Email us at jackofnotradesshow@gmail.com with questions, comments, or insults!

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    Off the rails Vol. 3 Part-1

    Tyler returns to the podcast to go off the rails once again! This one is all about communication, social media, how we view other people, and the current cultural climate here in America! Go down the rabbit hole with us and be sure to follow us on twitter @JONTPOD

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    What Grinds our Gears

    This week we are joined by @hannahbutts_ from the Spoonful of Sugar podcast to discuss what grinds our gears! Tay gets fired up on this one so be warned. We talk about annoyances we have with people, social media, restaurants, and food. Definitely don't want to miss this one.

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